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Global Project Manager is a simple and easy communications tool that will bring a whole new level of organized communications to your company.

It is easy to use and full of rich benefits to allow you and your team
members to always have an instant view to the latest status of any
project, anytime, anywhere.

After using GPM for just 1 day, you will not know how you survived
without it. Check out what a few of our current users are saying...

As a factory rep for 12 China and Taiwan exporting companies, I find
Global Project Manager a tool I absolutely couldn't do without.
GPM keeps my 12 factories, my customers and over 100 products
completely organized. Any of my team members can see the exact status and leave their comments on any project at any time. GPM saves my company hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by allowing us to be faster with more efficient communications.

I am a construction foreman with 6 - 10 projects open at any given time. Before GPM I use to spend 4 hours on email working details and changes with the general office. GPM has cut this time to half. The project folders lets me keep every job separate and lets me quickly get my bosses feedback instantly. Before, his emails would have answers for 4-5 jobs and many images all crammed into 1 email, with GPM each answer is stored in itís own organized folder. GPM saves me time.

It is obvious that Global Project Manger was initially created for the ad
agency industry. The communications features are rich and very easy to use. Our clients love it because it lets them see daily progress on their material. We can post job proofs next to our text notes and have their feedback in minutes instead of days. Since many of our customers are international companies, the translation link lets us quickly communicate with team members who do not speak English. Very Very cool.

What a great communications tool. Before I used Global Project Manger I was stuck with standard email. Each day I would have dozens of emails from suppliers and my employees. It took hours to organize them each week and took even longer to go back a few months later and find the exact email from the hundreds. Global Project Manger has delivered a whole new level or communication and organization to my company. Instead of each of my employees emailing the same info to each other, now we just sign on and all read and respond to just 1 message.


Go ahead and sign up (with a credit card) and use our services for 30 days at no charge. If you are not satisfied just cancel within 30 days and you will not be charged. If you no not cancel you will still get your first 30 days free, and will be billed for the plan you selected starting for the next month of use. You will be automatically billed every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. To cancel click here or send an email to cancel@globalprojectmanager.com



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