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  Global Project Manager is an easy to use, internet based solution that provides organized project communications to all approved team members. It gives you instant ability to view and edit the latest status of any project from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet.

You can read project notes, add your feedback, view and add images, and communicate with all other approved team members in real time. Backed with email notification, every member stays completely informed every step of the way.

Every communication is organized in a single convenient password protected project folder location. It tracks who said what and when, every comment is date stamped and permanently recorded.

Check out the following 17 key features that makes Global Project Manager your #1 choice for internet based project management. If you are a Rep, a business owner, a factory, a distributor or a supplier, you need GPM working for you.

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Project Folder Management
Each subscriber to Global Project Manager is provided an admin page that allows you to create projects folders and post to the internet. Any user you approve can read and add feedback to your projects. Project Folder Management makes the site very easy to navigate and results in very organized project communications.


Active Project Sub Folders
With Global Project Manager every project is organized in a Project Manager folder. Inside this main folder you can create your sub folders. Since each sub folder usually focuses on just 1 task, it is very easy to organize the progress of each project. Each folder and sub folder are password protected so only people you want to view your projects will be able to read your notes and add feedback.


Easy & Fast To Learn
Global Project Manger is designed to be very easy to use and fast to learn. In fact, you can expect to master the entire site in just 30 minutes. After your first introduction you will be able to access and edit any of your project folders in just seconds using the quick view pull down windows or the summary instant view button. Each section also has an Assist me button for directions on that section. For EZ directions just click on the directions link to the left.


Assist Me Buttons
Each section on the site is divided by a colored horizontal bar. The title of the section is located on the left side of the bar and on the right end of the bar is a button that says Assist Me. Just click on this button for a quick lesson on all the features of that particular section. It is that easy... just click the Assist Me button for a quick lesson.


Quick Folder Link Pull Down Window
For the experienced user, you can access any of your folders in just seconds with the folder Quick View pull down window listing every folder & sub folder you have access to. After logging in as an approved user, you will have a Quick View pull down window located near the top right corner of every page. Just go to the folder you want and let go - in seconds you are in that folder, ready to read and edit any message.


Summary Page
The summary page provides a quick view of the last message of each project you have access to all conveniently posted on 1 page. You can reply to any message from the summary page allowing very fast updating to all your projects. The summary button is located near the top right corner of most pages on GPM (there is also a summary text link located in the text links to the left).


Add Images or Attach Documents In Seconds
Add Images or Text Attachments to any Note With Global Project Manager, every project has an easy to use tool that allows you to add a picture for permanent placement on the sub folder project sheet. Every image, attached doc or attached pdf is forever stored in the sub folder for viewing at any time. Never worry again about where that last picture went. This feature saves time and money and since it is so easy to use anybody can use it.


Date Stamp & Message # Stamp
Each time an approved user enters a new note, that note is stamped with the user name and date it was submittted. For faster reviews, the latest note appears at the top of the Project Manger page. Each message in each project folder is also stamped with a message number which makes referring to any posted message very easy.


Email notification
All approved users in a project folder are notified by email each time a new note has been entered and submitted in that folder. This keeps every team member completed informed every step of the way. The email sent to each user includes a quick link that takes the user from the email to the GPM homepage.


Each project folder includes a calendar feature that allows approved members to flag key dates. A pop up calendar view is also available to help you see the month or year.


Contact Info & Image View
Each Project folder has a customized template for entering all needed contact info relating to that project. The Contact Info may have up to 99 fields including name, address, phone, etc. The Contact page also has an image upload feature that allows you to store a picture of the product the project folder is about. The contact info and image features hides and expands to save page space.


On-Line Address Book
As part of your admin area on GPM you have an online address book that stores contact information for all your key people. How many times have you found yourself needing a phone number or an email address that is stored on your lap top or on the office server? With the address book feature you have instant access to all that information from any internet connected computer, at anytime, anywhere in the world.


Complete Project File
Once a project is complete just click on the Project Complete Button and that project is moved from the Active Project File to the Completed File area. Any folder moved to the Completed Projects file can still be viewed and edited or moved back into the active file if ever needed.


Language Translation
Global Project Manger has button in each sub folder that links to bablefish that allows you to translate your messages in over 40 launguages. This is a great feature that allows you to write your messages in English and have that messge translated in Chinese or German or over 40 other launguages.


Secure Servers
Global Project Manger is a web based solution. Our servers are stored in a halon equipped temperature controlled secure locked facility with restricted access. Each server is on a RAID system and battery backup to provide 99.97% up time. For highly secure communications we suggest storing critical data on your servers and linking to your password protected data from GPM.


Back Up Your Files to Your Disk
Go ahead and sign up (with a credit card) and use our services for 30 days at no charge. If you are not satisfied just cancel within 30 days and you will not be charged. If you no not cancel you will still get your first 30 days free, and will be billed for the plan you selected starting for the next month of use. You will be automatically billed every 30 days thereafter until you cancel. To cancel click here or send an email to cancel@globalprojectmanager.com


FREE access to sub users
ONLY the primary member (project manager) pays for the services provided on the Global Project Manger site. All the sub users you approve to have access to your folders are considered free members. You are able to activate or deactivate sub users to any folder at any time.


Sign up today (with a credit card) and use our services for 30 days at no charge. If you are not satisfied just cancel within 30 days and you will not be charged . If you no not cancel you will receive your first 30 days at no charge , and you will be billed for the plan you selected starting at the beginning of the second month . You will automatically be billed every 30 days thereafter until you cancel . To cancel click here.